LEGO Monster Fighters (2012) follows a band of monster fighters led by Dr Rodney Rathbone and a group of misunderstood evil monsters led by Lord Vampyre. Some of the characters and sets are similar to the LEGO Studios (2000) theme. Click for reviews, setsicon and more about the theme.

LEGO Monster Fighters Jack McHammerJack McHammer

Jack McHammer is a Scottish or ‘possibly’ Canadian lumberjack with a penchant for Hulk-style smashing with his trusty hammer. He has a steam-powered artificial arm which he uses to poke and generally annoy his arch-enemy, the Crazy Scientist’s Monster (aka Frankenstein).

Jack also comes with a knitted grey cap – popular among LEGO bank robbers, green plaid shirt under a leather vest, sand blue jeans with reinforced leather pockets and matching belt.

The head print on this guy is very cool. The two-tone beard, eyebrows and wrinkles add a lot of realism to his growly, determined expression. If you look very closely, his white pupils are also shaded, which may be a misprint as it varies across different figures, but nonetheless gives the eyes some nice depth.

The detail is continued on the legs with asymmetrical scratch marks on each kneepad and the stitching around the blue pockets. The front and back torso print lacks depth compared to the rest of the figure but is still pretty nice overall.

The all-round good design of this wee Scotsman is consistent with the other Monster Fighter figures although I found the sets themselves (aside from the completely awesome Vampyre Castle and Haunted House), a little disappointing.

You can pick up Jack McHammer in Vampyre Castle (9468)icon and The Zombies (9465)icon sets.

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