The LEGO Minifigures (aka Collectable Minifigures) theme was introduced in May 2010. Each ‘series’ in the theme include 16 unique minifigures, sold individually in blind polybags. 112 figures and seven series have been released as of June 2012. Series 8 is scheduled for a late 2012 release along with a set of 9 UK themed Olympic minifigures.


This figure comes with moulded helmet sans-visor and a one-piece armour suit incorporating chest, back, shoulder and neck protection. The armour, torso and legs are decked out in the somewhat rare, earth-blue. Luiz comes with dark-grey hands and a dual-printed yellow head.

The head, helmet and armour are unique to this figure although Lex Luthor will wear a green version of the suit in an upcoming set. A silver version of the classic space logo makes an appearance on Luiz’s pauldrons. One side of the head has dot-stubble with confident expression and silver scope over the left eye. The reverse shows a serious expression under a printed orange visor and heads-up display.

The torso is printed with layered silver armour plates and silver helmet seal. ‘LUIZ’ is printed on the top-left of the torso. The hips are dark-grey and printed with a silver belt and buckle design. The legs are printed with silver detailing and knee plates. The back is unprinted.


This minifigure is a testament to 30 years of LEGO Space design. The intricate and precise printing has a good level of depth and brings an overall balance to the figure. The face designs are spot-on and give the figure two distinct personalities.

What I really like is that each aspect of the design takes its cues from earlier space figures –  printed headgear from Space Police II, bulky armour from Blacktron II, the logo from Classic Space, the blue and silver colour scheme from Ice Planet 2000, and the intricate printing of UFO.

Definitely a figure to add to your collection. Here’s hoping he gets his own theme some day! Added to the Hall of Minifigures. What do you think?


No printing on the back.




The LEGO ‘Minifigures’ theme aka ‘Collectible Minifigures’ was first released in May 2010. Each series in the theme has 16 minifigures, sold separately in blind polybags. The seventh series is scheduled for a May 2012 release.

This Leto-eque Punk Rocker comes from LEGO Minifigures Series 4 (8804) which was released in 2011 and he came with a black and silver electric guitar.


This guy comes with a rubbery hot pink / magenta mohawk, black-base torso coupled with light blue legs and hips.

The torso has an Ed Hardy style rose and skull design, the hips have a studded black and silver belt, and his ‘jeans’ are held together with a silver chain, some thread and five safety pins. The face shows a confident expression with thick black eyebrows, open mouth and white-pupilled eyes.


This figure has some unique punk-ish style if you are into that sort of thing. The bold colour palette works well and makes this figure stand out. The facial expression is spot on, not to cartoonish but not too serious. The  75-stud belt (yes, I counted them!) is a nice detail. The mohawk is well…pretty awesome. The tattoo-like torso design is also carefully designed.


No back printing which lets him down a bit, perhaps they could have added some tour dates on the back? 😉

This is a pretty unique figure and hopefully one day we might see him in his own theme! [Added to the Hall of Minifigures]



The first LEGO Castle theme (Classic Castle) hit stores in 1978 and was sold until 1983. It included a humble six sets and was one of the first ‘themed’ LEGO lines. Later Castle themes introduced numerous warring factions and many fantasy elements.

These strapping men came in the 677/6077 Knights Procession set, the European version released 1978 and US version in 1981. The set included four of the black-leg knights (cas074) and two of the grey-leg knights (cas075). Whilst this set predates me by several years, I remember being very excited to discover these in a mixed bag of used LEGO at a fair that bought with my saved pocket-money when I was age 7 or 8!


The knight of the left (cas075) came with grey legs, red hips and torso, and dark-grey chin-strapped helmet. His counterpart came with black legs, red hips and torso, and  light grey helmet with neck protector. Both figures shared the same smiley face and an identical blue, red and grey coat of arms.


These figures have very simple but effective designs. The helmets are surprisingly complex moulds including some fine bump detail on the right helmet. These guys are easily distinguishable as ‘knights’ and look right at home in a medieval LEGO world.


The dark-grey colour looks a little out-of-place on a light-grey figure but aside from that, nothing to fault given their age.



The LEGO ‘Minifigures’ theme aka ‘Collectible Minifigures’ were first released in May 2010. Each series in the theme has 16 minifigures, each sold individually in blind polybags. The seventh series is scheduled for a May 2012 release.

Released January 2012, Clockwork Robot hails from LEGO Minifigures Series 6 (8827) and is the second Robot minifig in the Minifigures theme. He (?) is the latest in a long line of robot / droid figs, beginning (I think!) with Blacktron Droid sp078 (released 1987) see comment below (thanks thebrickmaker!) I got this particular wind-up dude from a ‘Gashapon’ machine in Akihabara, Tokyo while on holidays so he has a special robotty significance for me.


LEGO Minifigures Clockwork Robot MinifigureThis figure has a light-grey-base legs, head and torso with light-blue hips and red hands. He comes with a moulded rectangular head with moulded ‘ears’ and ‘eyes’ and an open stud on top. He has a medium-grey wind-up key that is detachable from the torso via a shoulder bracket and stud.

The printing on this figure includes the expected buttons and dials in red, yellow, light-blue, grey and silver, along with silver rivet, spring and belt details.


The squarish head matches the boxy nature of the standard minifigure well. The silver details on the feet, legs and belt are nice. The ‘wind-up’ addition is great and reminds me of those USSR style wind-up tin robots.


This is a very ‘cartoony’ robot which is OK but I prefer more traditional ones like as Andy. Some silver detailing on the head would be cool. The red hands detract from the overall look.


Ninjago NRG Minifigures

Images of the new Ninjago NRG figures and the Green Ninja who will bring balance to the force err.. Ninjago, were captured at the New York Toy Fair 2012 by ASMZine. Slideshow and free cake after the break!

Via BrickBloggerASMZine.
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