LEGO Harry Potter: Rubeus Hagrid MinifiguresRubeus Hagrid figure (hp111) hails from the LEGO Forbidden Forest (4865) set, based on a scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

This figure is the third of three Hagrid variations released since 2001. Sold during 2010/11, the most recent LEGO Harry Potter theme coincided with the final cinematic releases of the Harry Potter ‘octology’ (spot the Pratchett reference!).

An oversized minifigure, Hagrid’s size reflects his characters half-giant heritage. The only standard piece on this figure is the flesh-coloured head. As with earlier variants, Hagrid’s arms, hair-piece, fixed torso, fixed feet and hands were custom modelled for this release.

The Good

Whilst the hair-piece is a little oversized, it accurately matches the movie representation. The cloak printing is great and the moulded pockets are a cool addition.

The Not So Good

Hmm. I’m not a fan of the over-sized minifigures as they impinge on duplo territory, and lack the simple design genius of the 1.5″ standard minifigures. I also dislike that Hagrid’s fixed feet and torso and that the head cannot be moved due to the size of the hair piece.

Hagrid’s expression is very chipper, which, whilst reflecting his character’s general disposition, seems mismatched with 4865’s dark and gloomy scene. Finally, poor Hagrid’s arms are just odd, making him appear a little frankensteinian (am I’m making up words?). Overall, a little underwhelming.


5 out of 10 Furry, Oversized Mygalomorphs

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