"End of line."

This lone Blacktron I LEGO minifigure (sp001) materialised in 1987, appearing in six themed sets and later in a Space Police I set.

According to lore, the Blacktron were space pirates, always stealing technology from Futuron and M:Tron whilst trying to outsmart the Space Police, his trusty steed  droid in toe.

This figure predates non-standard facial expressions by a few years so under that black helmet he’s modest little face is awkwardly smiling away. This Blacktron I pilot came with a all-black tools and accessories including helmet, visor, gloved hands, tanks, and leg assembly.

The Good

Blacktron I and Droid

In better times.

With his visor down, this Blacktron is one intimidating guy (insofar as minifigs can be intimidating!). His two-tone colour scheme is simple but striking. Unlike his Blacktron II brothers, I wouldn’t want to run into this guy down a dark, LEGO, alleyway.

The Not So Good

His good-guy face is a drawback but given his age, this is unavoidable. It is a shame that LEGO did not release other minifigure variations in this slick, dark theme.


10 out of 10 Illuminated Master Control Programs


 Added to the Hall of Minifigures

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