LEGO Star Wars (1999-) is a licensed theme based on characters, settings and stories from George Lucas’ fictional Star Wars universe. It was one of the LEGO Group’s first licensed themes and remains one of its most critically and commercially successful franchises. Check out reviewssetsicon, and more about the story.

Darth MalgusDarth Malgus

Darth Malgus (formerly Veradun), was a force-sensitive human male and Sith Lord active during the latter years of the Old Republic era, several thousand years before Star Wars: Episode 1. He is known for his exploits during the Great Galactic War, his time on the Dark Council and later, as a self-declared Sith emperor.

Malgus wields a red lightsaber and requires breathing apparatus due to battle damage inflicted by Jedi Master, Satele Shan. The character first appeared in BioWare’s MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This figure has all the trimmings of a fearsome foe, not least the battle armour from head to toe. The silver and black plating and rubberised armour extends down the torso and legs and is similar on the back, which means he still looks good even without the cape.

The one-piece neck / breastplate / breathing apparatus / shoulder element is a new mould and the coolest part of this figure, lending him a warrior look befitting a Sith Lord. The silver intake vents and red lights on the respirator add a subtle realism and overall, the design is pretty close to the virtual and non-LEGO models.

Other interesting details include the single-holed cape which is unique to this figure, and of course that unmistakable head print with piercing yellow eyes, wrinkled brow and battle-scarred face.

This is a must have figure for any fan of LEGO Star Wars and is well worth the set’s price-tag. He comes with the Sith Fury-class Interceptor set.

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