LEGO Ninjago (2011-2013) is a ninja theme that follows the adventures of four Spinjitzu ninjas, Cole, Kai, Zane and Jay and their foes including the Skeletons, the Serpentine and the evil Lord Garmadon, among others. Check out reviews, setsicon, and more about the story.

LEGO Ninjago Jay NRG Minifigure (Action)JAY NRG

Jay Walker is Ninjago’s resident Tesla Coil. In his NRG form Jay transforms into pure lightning and electric energy. NRG is the fifth Ninjago variant following on the success of Regular, DX, Kendo, and ZX editions.

Jay NRG is electric blue from head to toe with a good amount of holographic blue, pale yellow and dark blue outlines. As with the other NRG figures, the ZX hood makes an updated appearance.  The torso features Jay’s dragon emblem with forked lightning extending diagonally across the chest, hips and legs.

The holographic print looks awesome on this figure and several shades of blue give the lightning a bit of depth. The dragon emblem resembles Cthulhu and / or a tentacled brain…which is kind of cool, but perhaps unintentional. Jay’s lightning bolts are a bit thicker than Kai’s NRG flames, giving the design a more cartoony feel, which isn’t so bad. The back design is filled with more lightning bolts although a lack of yellow detailing on the bolts makes the back torso design slightly inconsistent with the front.

The face shows a reworked version of Jay’s standard scowl and scarred eyebrow. The lightning around the eyes make the face a little cluttered. No pupils and no outline around the eyes and eyebrows means the face print lacks the sharpness that Kai’s NRG print had.

I imagine that for play this figure is pretty cool but he does lack the careful attention to detail that those LEGO designers are known for. Hopefully Zane NRG (released later this year) will combine the best of Kai’s fine detailing with Jay’s reflectivity and outlining.

You can pick up Jay NRG on LEGO Shop at Home: The World’s Biggest LEGO Shop.

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