The LEGO Minifigures (aka Collectable Minifigures) theme was introduced in May 2010. Each ‘series’ in the theme include 16 unique minifigures, sold individually in blind polybags. 112 figures and seven series have been released as of June 2012. Series 8 is scheduled for a late 2012 release along with a set of 9 UK themed Olympic minifigures.


This figure comes with moulded helmet sans-visor and a one-piece armour suit incorporating chest, back, shoulder and neck protection. The armour, torso and legs are decked out in the somewhat rare, earth-blue. Luiz comes with dark-grey hands and a dual-printed yellow head.

The head, helmet and armour are unique to this figure although Lex Luthor will wear a green version of the suit in an upcoming set. A silver version of the classic space logo makes an appearance on Luiz’s pauldrons. One side of the head has dot-stubble with confident expression and silver scope over the left eye. The reverse shows a serious expression under a printed orange visor and heads-up display.

The torso is printed with layered silver armour plates and silver helmet seal. ‘LUIZ’ is printed on the top-left of the torso. The hips are dark-grey and printed with a silver belt and buckle design. The legs are printed with silver detailing and knee plates. The back is unprinted.


This minifigure is a testament to 30 years of LEGO Space design. The intricate and precise printing has a good level of depth and brings an overall balance to the figure. The face designs are spot-on and give the figure two distinct personalities.

What I really like is that each aspect of the design takes its cues from earlier space figures –  printed headgear from Space Police II, bulky armour from Blacktron II, the logo from Classic Space, the blue and silver colour scheme from Ice Planet 2000, and the intricate printing of UFO.

Definitely a figure to add to your collection. Here’s hoping he gets his own theme some day! Added to the Hall of Minifigures. What do you think?


No printing on the back.



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