LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2012-) is a licensed theme based on the heroes and villains from across the Marvel multiverse. The theme incorporates characters and stories from Marvel Entertainment’s cinema, television and comic book franchises. Click for reviews, setsicon and more about the theme.

Hawkeye (Clint Barton) is a sharp-shooting superhero from the Marvel Comics universe. He is best known for being a long-term member of the Avengers roster. Whilst Hawkeye does not have any super-human abilities, his archery skills are second to none. Hawkeye first appeared as a villain alongside the Black Widow in Tales of Suspense #47 (1964), created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.


This minifigure is based on Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye from the 2012 Avengers film.

Hawkeye is fitted out with a black and grey armour suit with red and silver trimmings. He has light-flesh coloured arms, one black gloved hand, black hips, legs, and a light brown hair piece. The head is printed on both sides, one side showing an angry, open mouthed expression whilst the alt has a closed mouth expression with silver and red goggles.

The front torso design features various protective armour plates over dark-red zippered under shirt. A dark-grey strap with silver buckle extends across the front and back of the figure. The back is printed with more armour plates and a quiver with three arrows. The legs are printed with leg straps for holding accessories.

Overall this is a well designed figure with lots of detail and careful use of highlight colour. The red print on the chest has a sparkly, silver-flecked texture which is awesome. The quiver print is particularly detailed, if not a little out of proportion. The asymmetrically placed straps on the legs are a nice touch.

From the neck down this is a nice figure. Disappointingly, he doesn’t resemble the comic book character to any great extent, and he is only a so-so match for the film version. The hair piece is a little sad and doesn’t really reflect Hawkeye’s charm. The facial expressions are all wrong, and the goggles wouldn’t look out of place on a certain purple-haired Dame.

Hawkeye comes in two great sets, Hulk’s Hellcarrier Breakouticon and Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escapeicon.

Love or hate this Hawkeye minifigure? Add your rating below!


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