LEGO Star Wars (1999-) is a licensed theme based on characters, settings and stories from George Lucas’ fictional Star Wars universe. It was one of the LEGO Group’s first licensed themes and remains one of its most critically and commercially successful franchises. Check out reviewssetsicon, and more about the story.


In the Star Wars universe these men in black are the elite pilots of the Galactic Empire’s Imperial Navy, somewhat expendable and always willing to die for the old wrinkly dude Emperor.

This figure comes with black custom-moulded helmet (used on one other Star Wars figure), black torso, legs, hands and hips. The black head represents a balaclava with full face opening. The face print is light-greyish-yellow complete with dot stubble, open mouth smile, black eyebrows and eyes with dark-grey pupils.

The helmet has ridged top and sides, breathing apparatus, vents and solid black eye pieces. The vents and breather tube sockets are are printed in dark grey whilst the circular markings on either side of the top ridge are printed in silver. The torso print displays two dark-grey breather tubes, zipper seal and belt. The rectangular life-support system on the centre-torso is printed in silver, blue, light grey, and red.

The key feature of this figure is the helmet which very detailed and quite accurate to the films. The torso print is simple and this reflects a fairly simple 1970’s space suit design as seen in the IV/V/VI trilogy.

Whilst this figure is quite accurate to the film representations, sans-helmet he is a little average (but don’t tell him that).

Five variants of the TIE Pilot minifigure have been released since 2001. This guy is the most recent version, released in 2012 and available in TIE Fightericon and TIE Interceptor and Death Staricon.

What do you think of this minifigure? Add your rating below!


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