LEGO Wild West (aka Western) was a SYSTEM theme sold between 1996 and 1997 with several sets re-released in 2002. Naturally the theme’s 21 sets centred on a stylised US ‘frontier’, complete with bandits, cavalry, cowboys, and ‘Indians’ (sic). The theme is notable for introducing rifles and revolvers.

Dewey Cheatum was one of four bandits on the LEGO frontier. Dewey was a gold-toothed card-shark with a penchant for poker and appropriately, his gag name is an anagram of ‘do we cheat them’. He appeared in six sets between 1996 and 2002.


Dewey comes with yellow head, black hands and top hat, green-base torso and dark-grey legs assembly.

He has a grumbling, angry, toothy expression with moustache, pointed eyebrows and single gold tooth. His torso is front-printed with a green collared jacket and vest over a white shirt and red tie. His vest has four gold buttons, a gold chain and a playing card print.


The layering of Dewey’s clothes is well done. The card suit print is unique and his gold tooth gives him a bad guy feel.


Dewey is pretty cool in terms of overall design, but as a bandit he seems a bit miscast. To me he looks more like a psycho magician / leprechaun… which is oddly enough, a theme yet to be covered by LEGO.



2 responses to “DEWEY CHEATUM

  1. I like everything about this fig except the face!

  2. Yes his face is a bit odd, the eyes look a little like upside-down apostrophes…but maybe that’s just me 😉

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