LEGO Space Police III ran from 2009/10 and comprised 15 sets, a couple of comics, several stop-motion videos and some other online goodies. This third reboot of the Space Police franchise materialised some twenty years after the first Space Police release in 1989.

Squidman (aka P. Squiddy, aka The Mollusked Menace, aka King of the Squidmen) was released in 2009 to much slimy applause (ostensibly, from himself). Squidman is a crooked space criminal whom, in-between graffitiing the neighbours, is always after a quick (1 x 2) buck. He appeared in two sets from the Space Police III line.


Squidman is a green-base figure with a custom moulded head. The torso is printed back and front, with dark green gills shaped like a ribcage and ‘sucker’ details on the front. The back printing comprises more suckers, some gills and something resembling a spine (obviously from the vertebrate side of the family). He has dark grey hands and a light grey head. The head has two beady red eyes and a red tongue. The top of the head is printed with dark-green details. The figure comes with a standard-size red cape and the legs assembly is not printed.


The eyes and mouth give this figure a lot of character. The custom mould head is nice, if not a little disturbing for a minifigure! The printing is detailed and incorporates several subtle shades of green. Not sure if its a result of the moulding process or deliberate, but the inside of the mouth looks wet / slimy which is a nice bonus.


Overall, this figure is well done although he could do with some leg printing and perhaps some ‘bling’?



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