The first LEGO Castle theme (Classic Castle) hit stores in 1978 and was sold until 1983. It included a humble six sets and was one of the first ‘themed’ LEGO lines. Later Castle themes introduced numerous warring factions and many fantasy elements.

These strapping men came in the 677/6077 Knights Procession set, the European version released 1978 and US version in 1981. The set included four of the black-leg knights (cas074) and two of the grey-leg knights (cas075). Whilst this set predates me by several years, I remember being very excited to discover these in a mixed bag of used LEGO at a fair that bought with my saved pocket-money when I was age 7 or 8!


The knight of the left (cas075) came with grey legs, red hips and torso, and dark-grey chin-strapped helmet. His counterpart came with black legs, red hips and torso, and  light grey helmet with neck protector. Both figures shared the same smiley face and an identical blue, red and grey coat of arms.


These figures have very simple but effective designs. The helmets are surprisingly complex moulds including some fine bump detail on the right helmet. These guys are easily distinguishable as ‘knights’ and look right at home in a medieval LEGO world.


The dark-grey colour looks a little out-of-place on a light-grey figure but aside from that, nothing to fault given their age.



6 responses to “CLASSIC KNIGHTS

  1. James

    Keep up the reviews, I’m enjoying them greatly!

  2. James

    Just checked back in and saw your reply. 🙂

    I do have a favorite theme (Star Wars, what can I say?) but I enjoy all the reviews on the other themes I’m less familiar with. I just love the minifig and the HQ pictures from the front and other angles are great.

    If I did have one request though, an about page for the blog would be awesome! I always like knowing a bit more about the webmasters.

  3. Yes Star Wars goes without saying ! Thanks to the Lucasfilm / lego deal we can look forward to 10 more years of it woohoo!

    Thanks for your feedback, its great to know what people like and what I can do more of 😉

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