The LEGO Toy Story theme was sold between 2010 and 2011.The sets were based on characters and events from the three Disney Pixar Toy Story films. The sixteen figures in the Toy Story line introduced a number of custom-moulded parts to ensure consistency between the LEGO and film franchises.

In the Toy Story trilogy, Woody is a cowboy themed pull-string doll, based on a fictional television character in the Toy Story universe (how meta!). Woody is the ‘sheriff’ of Andy’s Room, and main protagonist of the films.

As with Buzz, the Woody minifigure comes in normal and ‘stained’ variations. Combined, the two Woody variations appear in six sets.


LEGO Toy Story Woody Minifigure

Woody is printed in a ten-colour palette including white-base torso and blue-base legs assembly. On his torso he wears a yellow and red checkered shirt, cow-print vest, red scarf, gold and silver ‘Sheriff’ badge, and silver buttons. On his back he has a cow-print and printed pull-string. His legs are printed with brown belt with gold and red bull logo, and brown riding boots. Woody’s oversize head and standard hands are flesh coloured to match the film. Woody’s facial features and hair are printed in light brown, dark brown, black and white.

Woody’s legs, arms, head, and hat were custom moulded for this figure with the hat being permanently fixed to the head. The legs are one stud longer than the standard size (two studs) and the arms are slightly wider and longer than the standard.


This figure matches his animated counterpart pretty well. The printing has been carefully detailed and coloured; the sheriff badge and tiny bull logo on the belt are very cool.


I don’t think the extended legs and oversize head were particularly good choices. This figure verges on (gasp…shock…etc) Megablok territory. I’m not a purist (really!)…and I don’t mind custom moulded heads, but once the arms, legs and head are custom, it begins to lose those essential minifigure elements – elements that have remained more or less unchanged since 1978. This would be an awesome figure if it was printed on standard size fig.



2 responses to “WOODY

  1. Your reviews make me want to buy Toy Story sets! I really liked the movies but didn’t really think much about getting any of the Toy Story Sets. I mostly like the non fictional, non licensed stuff. But i just love the details on this minifig, especially his hat. Do you know if Woody the only minifig that has longer legs?

    • I’m glad you find the reviews interesting! I tend to prefer the non-licensed figures too. Woody and Jessie both have the long legs, although I think they are the only minifigures to have them so far. The Stinky Pete figure has the extra short legs.

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