Sold between 2006-8, LEGO Exo-Force followed a team of human pilots in their battles against their robot creations who turned against them BSG-style (frack!). LEGO Exo-Force LogoThe sets included various mecha ‘Battle Machines’ from both sides and Sentai Fortress, the Exo-Force base of operations. Like Ninjago, the theme was based around several story-lines and told through web comics, online games, books, and minisodes.

The four most well-known members of the Exo-Force team were Takeshi, Hikaru, Ryo and Ha-Ya-To. Three variations of the Ha-Ya-To minifigure were released between 2006 and 2008, exf025 being the most recent.


LEGO Exo-Force Ha-Ya-To MinifigureHa-Ya-To has black hips and hands, white torso and legs. The torso design has shaded silver plate amour, a blue cooling system (?) and a silver utility belt. The legs and back are not printed.

The head is double-sided with a confident, wry expression on one side and an open-mouth ‘I’m gonna blow you to bits’ type expression on the other. The eyes are a green, black and white and drawn in manga style. The spiky red hair piece is also manga style and made of a moulded rubber like material.


The manga / anime styling is nice and certainly a change from the  standard fig designs. The detailing on the torso is detailed and some shading gives it good depth.


This figure feels a little rushed – the intricate torso design looks unbalanced against an otherwise unpainted figure. The hair mould is good but the colour clashes with the predominantly silver, blue and white design. The facial expressions are a little…strange.


Exo-Force Ha-Ya-To Minifigure Rating


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