The LEGO Toy Story theme was sold between 2010 and 2011.The sets were based on characters and events from the three Disney Pixar Toy Story films. The sixteen figures in the Toy Story line introduced a number of custom-moulded parts to ensure consistency between the LEGO and film franchises.

In the Toy Story films, Buzz Lightyear is a space-themed action hero toy who finds himself teaming up with other ‘toys’ in various feel-good adventures. Two variations of Buzz Lightyear were released including standard and with ‘dirt-stains’. LEGO Buzz appeared in eight sets.


LEGO Toy Story Buzz Lightyear MinifigureBuzz has a white-base torso, legs assembly and astronaut suit. His head is flesh coloured with purple skullcap / neck covering. The torso is printed back and front with air vents on back and light-blue ‘Star Command’ logo on front with grey flexible tubing, green utility belt and green highlights on knees and shoes. Head / shoulder gear is white-base with green printing, blue, green and red buttons, purple details and a light-blue Star Command logo. The half-dome visor is clear whilst the custom-mould wings are green-base with purple colouring, and red / white stripes. The wings clip into the back of the armour which attaches to the main torso as a shoulder bracket.


This is an excellent translation of a film character. He is very accurate to his animated counterpart, down to the flashing red lights on the end of his wings. This is custom moulding done very well and which maintains the essential minifig look.

The printing uses a range of colours and is applied in the right places. The designers were nice enough to print underneath the shoulder bracket on both front and back torso which means he still looks great even without the gear.


Would be extra-cool if the visor rotated down…aside from that, I can’t fault Buzz.


Added to the Hall of Minifigures.


3 responses to “BUZZ LIGHTYEAR

  1. I don’t have any Toy Story sets or minifigs. I would love to get some though. Thanks for the review on Buzz. I really like this minifig.

  2. Bok spatula

    I love constellations of mini figs. 😀

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