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LEGO Ninjago Zane ZX Minifigure (Front)

Zane ZX


The ZX variants were released in early 2012 and will be accompanied to the ball by a Green Ninja ZX (aka Lloyd Garmadon), sometime in early 2012. The ZX outfits to much ninja applause in Episode 6 of the Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes cartoon.

The ZX style adds loads of detail including “…like…armour” and “gold highlights!” not to mention that “the material is really light and breathable”. These variants also come with pauldrons, weapon sling, and a re-moulded hood with shiny embellishment.

Zane wears a long white and pale-yellow robe which is tied above the waist with several leather belts and a piece of leather amour across his back and front. He comes with black gloves, gold pauldrons, gold sling, and a gold plate on his hood. Zane’s Ice Dragon emblem is centred on his back, above the straps and armour. His expression is identical to his other variants.


Zane’s robe is long and detailed. The pale-yellow, although not nice on its own, goes well with the gold details. The leather belts are nicely detailed and the drop-shadow effect gives them some nice depth. The gold plate on the hood gives this figure a more regal look.


The weapon sling is functional (it can fit two weapons) but oversized. The black gloves don’t look right with a white outfit. Unlike the other ZX variants, Zane doesn’t get any silver highlights and his piece of armour is a bit useless. The dragon emblem is smaller than the DX version and is missing the name underneath. The back of the hood is a little less detailed than the DX variants and is cut-off at shoulder height to accommodate the sling.

As a fig in its own right, Zane ZX is good but when compared to the other ZX figures and other Zane variants, he seems a little under-polished.

Zane ZX is available in:

Fangpyre Truck Ambush 9445 and Venomari Shrine 9440


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2 responses to “ZANE ZX

  1. My son is a huge Lego Ninjago fan and requested the Destiny’s Bounty set for his birthday. My main concern is do you know how easy it is to build and can you reuse the lego pieces to build other things? I’ve had problems in the past with some Lego sets. If it is easy I will buy more because he seems to really love the TV show.

  2. Hi tvjudge, thanks for your question! This set is geared toward 7/8-11 year old kids, the younger age-range very much depending on building experience.

    There are some fiddly bits which may be frustrating for some kids (the sails and guns assemblies and some LEGO technic elements), but the reward is a lot of ‘functions’ – and this may be part of your son’s attraction to this set. Structurally its not great so in normal play I would expect small parts to fall off and need to be rebuilt, but I guess thats part of the experience lol.

    These days larger LEGO sets tend to come with numbered bags that follow the build order which can make the building process a little easier.

    In terms of reusability (which is always very subjective!), there are a good range of standard and non-standard parts in this set, perhaps more than what it looks like from the box art. If this is a big issue for you, LEGO’s bucket of bricks are always a good buy to balance out the standard to non-standard part ratio of themed sets.

    Hopefully that has helped a little?

    You can have a look at the instructions before you buy which might help you see if this is a good set for your son.

    Instructions Part 1

    Instructions Part 2

    Thanks for looking at my site! Good luck ^_^

    Cheerily, Chris.

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