LEGO Ninjago (2011-2013) is a ninja theme that follows the adventures of four Spinjitzu ninjas, Cole, Kai, Zane and Jay and their foes including the Skeletons, the Serpentine and the evil Lord Garmadon, among others. Check out reviews, setsicon, and more about the story.

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd Garmadon


The son of the evil Lord Garmadon, the young Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon desperately wants to be a super-villain, if only to get more candy. Unfortunately, Lloyd has competition in the form of an accidentally resurrected ancient evil; the Serpentine…not to mention several multi-coloured arch-enemies, the Spinjitzu ninjas: Cole, Kai, Jay and Zane.

For more on the unfolding 2012 Ninjago story and the mysterious Green Ninja, check out Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes.

Reflecting his young age, Lloyd is shorter than the standard minifigure. The standard torso with short, fixed legs have been used previously for other child-like figures, dwarfs, several Star Wars characters, and a certain annoying but endearing house elf among others.

Lloyd has a white skeleton print on his torso which resembles a sweater and his waist is tied with a purple belt. He comes with a small cape and a black hood.

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Garmadon Alternative Face
Scared Lloyd

Lloyd has a dual-printed head with one side having a mischievous look, the other, a teethy scared look. Unlike Lord Garmadon, Lloyd has yellow hands and head.

The undersized ‘dress-up’ cape works well on Lloyd as it reflects his gleeful, candy-obsessed childishness. His black hood is nicely moulded and has been used in several other (slightly more evil!) bad guy minifigures (mostly from the LEGO Star Wars theme). Both face prints are detailed, the mischievous one with a slightly raised left eyebrow is my favourite. The four-colour torso design is good and includes some nice touches including a dashed green neckline and a team number on his sweater.

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Garmadon and Stormtrooper
Darth Garmadon!

No leg or back printing on this fig but the hood and cape somewhat make up for this.

Lloyd Garmadon comes in three sets, Fangpyre Wrecking Ball, Lloyd Garmadon Spinner, and Rattlecopter.


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