LEGO Ninjago (2011-2013) is a ninja theme that follows the adventures of four Spinjitzu ninjas, Cole, Kai, Zane and Jay and their foes including the Skeletons, the Serpentine and the evil Lord Garmadon, among others. Check out reviews, sets, and more about the story.

LEGO Nijago Zane ZX, Zane DX, Kendo Cole Minifigures

Comparison: Zane ZX, Zane DX, Kendo Cole

The DX minifigures are one of several Ninjago variations released through 2011 and early 2012. The line includes Cole DX, Kai DX, Jay DX, and Zane DX minifigures.

The njo026 variant of the ninjas’ mentor,  Sensai Wu (black kimono and gold dragon) is aesthetically similar to the DX figures, so I have included him here.

The DX variant is marked by a golden dragon print that extends across the front torso and legs with each dragon symbolising that character’s elemental power. On the back of each torso, the ninja’s name is written in silver lined gold text, curving below a dragon’s head and elemental symbol. All the figures share black eyes, mouths and tan facial hair.

Thanks to blutorange @ for translating the Kanji symbols for me!

LEGO Ninjago Sensai Wu (Black Kimono / Gold Dragon)

Sensai Wu


Sensai Wu is a Spinjitzu Master of the four elements (earth, fire, lighting, ice). He wears a grey banded, black kimono with four Japanese characters (廻転悪術) written vertically down the left side. Whilst some character parts are missing, they translate roughly to ‘Master of Spinjitzu’ ([master of] the spinning demon technique).

LEGO Ninjago Sensai Wu (Black Kimono / Gold Dragon) Back

Sensei Wu’s golden dragon is depicted on the back of his torso. He carries an aged expression marked by white facial hair and eyebrows, tan wrinkles, black lips, eyelashes and eyes with white pupils. Instead of ninja hood, Wu comes with detachable white beard and bamboo hat.

LEGO Ninjago Sensai Wu (Black Kimono / Gold Dragon) Front

Good: Awesome detail, particularly around the folds of the kimono and the gorgeous lettering. The designer has gone to a lot of trouble with the face including shaded facial hair and a complex expression. He also looks great with or without his beard.

Bad: Black arms might have suited this figure better. The beard covers a little too much of the face.

This Sensai Wu variant is available in Fire Temple.

LEGO Ninjago Cole DX Minifigure

Cole DX


Cole is the black ninja and his symbol / emblem is 地 (Earth). His torso depicts an earth dragon that ‘breathes’ rock and has a tail that resembles cracked earth. Cole’s dragon head is different design to the other figures, the dragon-head being shorter and wider with two-horns.

LEGO Ninjago Cole DX Minifigure Front

LEGO Ninjago Cole DX Minifigure Front

Cole ties his robe with a grey belt and he sports a frown and thick, bushy eyebrows.

Good: Great detail, Cole’s unique dragon head design is very nice and it’s a shame they didn’t give the other figures’ dragons a different head design. Unlike the other figures, the dragon head printed on the back matches well with the design on the front.

Bad: Those eyebrows really need a trim. In that state they remind me of a certain ex-prime minister of Australia. The head of the dragon does not come as far across the chest as in the other figures.

Cole DX is available in Cole DX Spinner set.

LEGO Ninjago Kai DX Minifigure

Kai DX


Kai is the red ninja. His symbol is 炎 (Flame). He has a fire dragon torso design with a tail that resembles licking flames and his robe is tied with a dark-red belt. Kai has thin, outwardly curving eyebrows and tan scars around his eyes.LEGO Ninjago Kai DX Minifigure BackLEGO Ninjago Kai DX Minifigure (Front)

Good: I love this minifigure. His face design is very detailed and the dark-red belt matches nicely with his torso. His face printing is complex and his expression is spot-on.

Bad: The shape of the dragon head on the back doesn’t match the front one in terms of shape. The grey dragon-eye on the torso would be cleaner in black.

Kai DX is available in Fire Temple.

LEGO Ninjago Zane DX Minifigure

Zane DX


Zane is the white ninja. His symbol is 氷 (Ice). His torso depicts an ice / frost dragon with spiked icicle tail and a robe tied with grey belt. Zane has long, straight eyebrows and a long, flat mouth.

LEGO Ninjago Zane DX Minifigure (Back)LEGO Ninjago Zane DX Minifigure (Front)

Good: Similar level of detail to the other figures. A nice touch is that the torso design includes some blue. The grey belt goes matches well with the white torso.

The printing on my figure seems a little more delicate than the others although this could be put down to quality control.

Bad: The eyebrows are a touch to thick. Once again, the print on the back doesn’t match the front.

Zane DX is available in Zane DX Spinner set.

LEGO Ninjago Jay DX Minifigure

Jay DX (image credit:


Jay is the blue ninja. His symbol is (Lightning). He has a lighting dragon which shoots lighting bolts and sports an electrifying tail.

Ever fashion conscious, Jay chooses to tie his robe with a dark-blue belt. Jay has straight eyebrows with part of his left eyebrow missing and a short, flat mouth.

Good: Great torso and leg detail. In particular, the lightning extending out of the dragon tail looks very cool.

Bad: The facial details are a bit off. The eyebrows are a bit thick although the eyebrow scar is a nice touch. The mouth is a little small which gives him an awkward facial expression.

Jay DX is available in the Skeleton Bowling set.

Of all the figures, my favourite is Kai, although Zane is a close second – but this is partly based on the quirkiness of his character in the cartoon! Each of the DX figures have cool features and the not so good stuff is pretty minor.

Aside from some design inconsistencies, the DX minifigure series are an awesome addition to any collection and they definitely rate above many of their contemporary minifigure designs. Here’s hoping they come out with a Green Ninja DX variant soon 😛

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