LEGO DC Super Heroes (2011-) is a licensed theme based on the heroes and villains from across the DC multiverse. The theme incorporates characters and stories from DC Comic’s cinema, television and comic book franchises. Click for reviews, sets and more about the theme.

Batman II [sh019]

The LEGO Batman II theme is a relaunch of the 2006-8 LEGO franchise, now under the DC / Marvel Super Heroes theme. This fig comes with the nicely priced 6858 Catcycle set along with (surprise!) a new Catwoman minifigure.

Whilst I tend to fall into the make-mine-Marvel camp, I could not resist grabbing this minifig duo…It doesn’t help that I just finished The Dark Knight Returns.

This variation of The Dark Knight is not all that dark, taking his  cues  hues from the archetypal silver-age Batman. This Bat-suit is a simulacrum of the 1964 Schwartz redesign which introduced the iconic ellipse logo. This toned-down palette constructs a somewhat light-hearted, less complex hero than other adaptations.

This fig comes with a double-printed head, one side showing an open mouth scowl (pictured), the other a more serious, closed mouth expression. Printed on both sides of the head are face-width head-bands ensuring that ‘white’ eye patches are seen through the headgear.

The Good

A very detailed fig and a great representation of the latter-silver-age Batman (for an older version, see Batman I (bat022).  The inclusion of the 1964 logo and utility belt, plus full-length torso musculature are particularly cool. The hardened wings are a nice original accessory, once the ill-designed jetpack is removed (not pictured).

The flesh coloured head is a good choice for the figure and the facial expressions are…expressive.

The Not So Good

For me, the head on this figure has some minor drawbacks. The open mouth expression (pictured) looks like Batman is feeling…well…something between constipated and euphoric. The alternative is slightly better, if not a little melancholic.

On my figure (pictured) the headband is a off-flesh-white which makes the masked eyes less striking. Unfortunately, sans-helmet the head resembles the Karate Kid. Odd, given that Catwoman is given a domino mask which looks good, both with and without headgear.

Finally, the choice of yellow instead of warm gold for the logo and utility belt give the sh019 an overall less-than-polished feel…but we can’t have everything can we!


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