Ice Planet 2002

Ice Planet 2002 was a 1993-4 LEGO theme including included three minifig variations. This theme was released concurrently with the more popular, Space Police II and Blacktron II sets.

This was my favourite theme as a kid although I was only lucky enough to have two of the smaller sets; both which came with the distinctly Scandinavian astronaut guy (far right).

I very recently rescued ‘Commander Cold’ (null points for name originality!) and the female minifig (affectionately called ‘Ice Planet Babe’ by some)  from a garage sale so now I have a complete set which is…well…cool!

The Good

Each of these figs are generally well designed and are at home in their respective sets. The trans-orange visors w/ antenna were a nice touch and the first appearance of this accessory (i think!).

The gold detail on Commander Cold’s torso nicely discriminates him from the rank and file units. Each of the figures work well as standalone figures and the design details signify space / futuristic themes well.

Ice Planet Babe’s fire-red hair and hoop earrings are a clever detail, although maybe someone got a bit excited whilst applying the lipstick!

The Not So Good

It would have been nice for the female fig’s torso pattern to be different from male equivalents’ and for Commander Cold to have a bit more detail on the torso.



4 responses to “ICE PLANET 2002

  1. Love this blog already. Ice Planet 2002 was one of my most-desired themes as a kid, though I never managed to get any 😦 I’m looking forward to many more great reviews!

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